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for San Clemente City Council

Donna's Comments

City Council Comments 10/19 8b. “to a more sustainable future”

Climate change is the existential threat of our time, threatening our communities and the vitality of our planet.

At every level we need to make decisions that wean us off our dependence on oil and move to a future that’s more sustainable.

We need to commit to stop burning coal, oil, and gas and cut the resulting carbon emissions which are heating the planet to dangerous levels. We need to listen to Science and take action.

This is a major crisis and a moment where we have a chance to do something about it.

For every fraction of a degree of warming, we will see more intense and deadly heat waves, wildfires, drought, sea level rise as well as species extinction. That is what science, climate experts are telling us.

Most of the problems are caused by human beings. If we cause the problems, we ought to be able to solve them or prevent them.
Market forces, capital is shifting away from fossil fuels and towards investment in wind, solar and renewable energy.

Transitioning to clean energy sources cuts the emissions responsible for climate change and reduces air pollution that can cause asthma, cancer and heart disease.

Clean energy industries are some of the fastest growing economic sectors, employing approx 3.3 million workers. Now is the time to boost the economy, protect public health, and protect our planet for future generations. State and local governments are taking meaningful action against climate change and toward building a clean energy economy. Lets work together.

I urge you to support responsible environmental protections for our children and future generations to come.